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Childhood is a time of curiosity and wonder, and all parents know that children want to find out the answers to everything. A child develops a liking for illustrated books with attractive pictures of things which are familiar to him as soon as he/she begins to recognize objects. We have a comprehensive collection of multi-colored kids’ books in India which are plastic coated, making them more durable and attractive. Now kids can get entire volumes of their favorite books by logging on to This is an exclusive kid’s corner where they can learn the popular tales and stories of Indian Mythology and also learn about famous people/saints. With the Amazing Facts, Facts and More books they can get easy answers to difficult questions which keep striking their mind. Also if your child wants to know the life and achievements of Great Scientists like Galileo, Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison or Great Personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Pele, Bill Gates etc is the answer to all your queries. The Encyclopedia books are a complete reference of the living world around us. The Educational series will increase children’s awareness about earth in a fun and easy to understand way. Mental Maths Books are reminiscent of the Vedic age in India which is perfect guide to effective Number sense or mental calculation.

Library of Children story books in like Sleeping beauty, Alice in wonderland, Robinson Crusoe, Jataka Stories and many more can entertain a child and also enhance reading speed and vocabulary of a child. As parents, we should try to encourage our children to become active readers. Words don’t come chasing after us, we must train our kids to be on a constant lookout, in their reading and listening, for any words that other people know and they don’t. The Phonics book are first of its kind children books in India which is meant to encourage young beginners to read on their own as they practice and read new sounds. Looking through the pages of the delightful board books will encourage New Born to identify familiar objects in the garden/farm/beach/sea.

Cherish memories of your baby in beautiful Record Book which is an ideal book for the New Borns in India. A fun series of Activity Books in India guide the parents for successful teaching methods. The Educational Books have reward charts that motivate your children.


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